Thank You, Thank You & Thanks!


Now that Spring 2015 is over, we want to thank all of you who made this season such a success! To every administrator, teacher, and parent who helped organize a CIMI trip or came as a chaperone this season: thank you for sacrificing time from your own busy schedules and families to make a difference in the life of your students. We could never run this program without you! A special thank you is also needed this year for all the schools who faced changes as a result of the temporary closing of Fox Landing. Your flexibility and positivity under challenging circumstances was greatly appreciated.

Every instructor at CIMI can readily tell you a moment that defines why they do the job they do: the student who swims in the ocean for the first time and can’t stop smiling during snorkel; the student who enthusiastically pets the shark he was so afraid of a few minutes before; the student who cries before night snorkel, does it anyway, and comes out of the water enthusiastically exclaiming that it was the best thing ever. Every season at CIMI is full of these moments, and they are what make being an instructor so worthwhile. So to every student who tried something new this Spring, who faced down a fear, who asked a question that stumped us and had us searching for answers: thank you! It’s because of you that we have the best job in the world. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We’ll be back in the fall, but for those who can’t wait that long, there are still some spots open in our summer program, Catalina Sea Camp! Go to for more details.



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