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Thank You, Thank You & Thanks!


Now that Spring 2015 is over, we want to thank all of you who made this season such a success! To every administrator, teacher, and parent who helped organize a CIMI trip or came as a chaperone this season: thank you for sacrificing time from your own busy schedules and families to make a difference in the life of your students. We could never run this program without you! A special thank you is also needed this year for all the schools who faced changes as a result of the temporary closing of Fox Landing. Your flexibility and positivity under challenging circumstances was greatly appreciated.

Every instructor at CIMI can readily tell you a moment that defines why they do the job they do: the student who swims in the ocean for the first time and can’t stop smiling during snorkel; the student who enthusiastically pets the shark he was so afraid of a few minutes before; the student who cries before night snorkel, does it anyway, and comes out of the water enthusiastically exclaiming that it was the best thing ever. Every season at CIMI is full of these moments, and they are what make being an instructor so worthwhile. So to every student who tried something new this Spring, who faced down a fear, who asked a question that stumped us and had us searching for answers: thank you! It’s because of you that we have the best job in the world. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We’ll be back in the fall, but for those who can’t wait that long, there are still some spots open in our summer program, Catalina Sea Camp! Go to www.catalinaseacamp.org for more details.


Summer Scuba Adventure at Camp

If you want to join these amazing underwater creatures then you will want to check out Catalina Sea Camp scuba diving program. Catalina Sea Camp offers beginners to master diver courses. Check back at the beginning of the year for a full list of all Catalina Sea Camp course descriptions.

Have you never been scuba diving before? If you have always wanted to give it a test then our Try Dive scuba class is for you! Some of our instructors only want to teach this Try Dive class because it is all about having fun while trying a new, mind-blowing experience. The instructors love seeing first time divers with faces lighting up with pure enjoyment. I still remember my first time breathing underwater and I want to share that experience with anyone willing to give something new a try. A course like this is hands-down the best part of being an instructor at Catalina Sea Camp. This class is an ideal choice for our younger campers (12 to 14 years old) as it tends to make campers feel more comfortable for future certification courses. The course is not a certification but an equivalent to a “resort course”. The campers will experience a total of 6 water sessions: 2 skin dives and 4 scuba dives with a maximum depth of 25 feet.

We hope you are ready to give something new and amazing a try at Catalina Sea Camp. Register for camp before December 31st, 2014 and you will save up to $255. Click this link to sign up now: www.catalinaseacamp.org/manage-account/

Happy Diving!

9 Steps to Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for Halloween because we are at Sea Camp? On the final crew night of Senior Sea Camp, the 14 and 15 year old “B’s” get together for the Night of the Living Dead dance party. Part of the basketball court gets closed off and converted into a hazard zone emulating everything zombie. The campers then get transformed into their undead selves and spend the evening eating snacks, playing games, and dancing away. What kind of zombie would you be?

Here are the 9 Steps to create your very own Zombie Apocalypse.

Materials to turn undead:
Liquid Latex
Makeup sponges
Single-ply toilet paper (or double-ply split apart)
Fake blood
Black face paint (to really add that sense of decay)
Hair dryer or safe heat source for drying (optional)

9 Steps to Zombie Apocalypse:
1. Apply layer of liquid latex to desired part of face with makeup sponge. Let dry until nearly clear.
2. Repeat step one, two or three times. Let each layer dry.
3. Apply layer of liquid latex to same part of face, pat toilet paper onto wet latex. Let dry.
4. Remove excess toilet paper around edges. Apply latex over toilet paper.
5. Repeat steps three and four, two or three times. Let dry.
6. Pull and tug at raised parts of latex to create skin lesions and tears.
7. Shadow the latex, and inside edges of lesions with black face paint.
8. Apply fake blood to desired result.
9. Enjoy Sea Camp zombie night.

Summer Camp Registration Open

Catalina Sea Camp, our premier marine science and ocean adventure program for summer camp in California is now open for camper registration. Register now and you will receive last year’s rates, a savings of up to $255.00. This amazing savings will ONLY be available until December 31st. You can choose from one or three-week sessions.

The 1-week campers ages 8-13 will spend their mornings at our core activities such as snorkeling, boat trips, aquaria, hands-on marine science and the chance to see all kinds of animals in the wild. All of these events are sure to capture your imagination and make for a one-of-a-kind experience! This is only one part of Sea Camp’s one week program. However, much of the excitement of camp comes from the traditional summer camp activities that you’ll participate in. In fact, if you ask return campers they’ll tell you the reason they keep coming back is the camp community, traditions, social activities and the friends they’ve made!

One-Week Session 1:  June 13 – 19      *$1,450.00
One-Week Session 2:  June 20 – 26       $1,550.00
One-Week Session 3:  June 27 – July 3  $1,550.00

Rate: *Catalina Sea Camp Session 1 is $1,450.00 – (Sign up before December 31st and pay last year’s rate $1,250.00).  Catalina Sea Camp Session 2 and 3 are $1,550.00 each – (Sign up before December 31st and pay last years rate $1,350.00).

The 3-week campers ages 12-17 design their own schedules by choosing from more than 40 different activities including in depth programs in diving, sailing, marine science and adventure courses. Throughout their three week experience they are placed in a crew depending on their age. Five nights at camp are crew nights where they participate in beach parties, outdoor movies, campfires, karaoke, games, dances, gaga ball, volleyball and other fun activities. Crew nights change every year so it is always something new and exciting! Beyond all of the great science, adventure, and hands-on activities that campers experience throughout the day, the camp fun continues with our unique social program. Each night campers engage in campfire activities, including a carnival, olympics, and a dance.

Three-Week Session 69:  July 5 – 24                $4,150.00
Three-Week Session 70:  July 26 –August 14   $4,150.00

Rate: $4,150.00 – (Sign up before December 31st and pay last year’s price $3,895.00).

Space is limited so turn in your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 now. We can’t wait to welcome your camper for an experience of a lifetime!


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