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High Ropes featuring The Giant Swing

Imagine yourself suspended 35 feet above the ground, your team cheering you on from below. The haul team, which is made up of all your classmates, is pulling you and once at the top, it’s up to you to swing! After a moment of hesitation and lots of cheering from below, you pull the string and fly through the air! You’re officially swinging above the onlookers, and the breeze feels amazing! Not to mention you’ve got a pretty spectacular ocean view up there…personal challenge completed!

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Challenge by Choice!

This is what you’ll experience here at CIMI on our high ropes course, specifically on the giant swing. This high ropes course is apart of our many series of challenges, which we like to refer to as a challenge by choice. This means it is up to you to push yourself to your limit, both mentally and physically, in order to swing across the course. It is ultimately a ton of fun, but requires an open mind and a desire to experience new challenging adventures! It’s perfectly normal to feel some hesitation, which is apart of the challenge course experience. But even some of our most hesitant jumpers agree, the exhilarating swing was totally worth the pre-dangling jitters.

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How it Works:

The swing works in two ways: it is a personal challenge, meaning it is up to you to motivate yourself to pull the chord which allows you to swing. With this course, we aim to push you to the limits of your comfort zone, without stretching you beyond your limits. It is also a group challenge, because you rely on the haul team to hoist you up in the air. It is one of our most exciting challenges, because it involves both individual and group mentalities to overcome the initial fear and enjoy the swing!

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Try it Out!

If you haven’t yet, then you definitely should experience the feeling of being launched high up in the air and soaring above the ocean…trust us, you won’t regret it! Our challenge course is unique because it is adjacent to the ocean, which allows students a once in lifetime experience to literally fly over the sea. The giant swing is a unique, once in a lifetime experience, and we would be so stoked to have you join us on our ropes course!


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