Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Parents’ Corner! We are excited that you are considering sending your child to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. Our goal is to make your child’s trip one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The website will give you a thorough overview of our programs and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

The lead teacher will choose classes from our program that fit your school’s current curriculum. With a focus on Marine Science, Island Ecology, and Adventure, we strive to meet each school’s individual scholastic needs. It’s a program that we believe in, and one that has positively impacted more than 1 million students since 1978.

Individual exploration and discovery are at the heart of CIMI’s educational philosophy. In addition to its academic value, another major benefit of attending CIMI is the Camp Experience. While camp is fun, exciting, and educational, it also teaches children practical life skills. By working in small teams to accomplish goals, they learn to get along with others in a group living situation and forge stronger friendships. The very nature of the experience encourages personal responsibility, initiative, and independence. Camp is an opportunity to develop character.

Our facilities on Catalina are not publicly accessible and allow your child an exciting opportunity to experience the unique ecology of Catalina Island, safely and without outside distractions. We look forward to sharing our vibrant and engaging hands-on program with your child in the near future.

Where can parents send mail?

We operate 3 facilities on Catalina Island so please be sure choose the correct site…

cimi toyon bay
Catalina Island marine institute

Toyon Bay

P.O. Box 796
Avalon, CA 90704

cimi cherry cove
Catalina Island marine institute

Cherry Cove

P.O. Box 5015
Two Harbors, CA.

cimi fox cove
Catalina Island marine institute

Fox Landing

P.O. Box 1920
Avalon, CA 90704

You will need to mail your letter a week prior to your camper’s visit for them to actually receive it during their time on Catalina. Mail also runs on “island-time” — so plan ahead and add 1-2 days to normal mailing times. Care packages are discouraged.

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