Health & Safety

Since the inception of our program in 1978 we have made the health and safety of our students a top priority. We have served over 1 million students in 35 years without a major incident and continue to safely serve over 45,000 students annually. We successfully handle participants with asthma and food allergies each and every week.

At the Catalina Island Marine Institute, the safety and well-being of our participants is paramount. In all of our classes and activities, we provide exceptional teaching and supervision by instructors who have been trained in that specific program area. Students and staff are required to follow safety guidelines for each activity.  Relevant safety equipment such as helmets, life preservers, harnesses, etc. are always used. All of our instructors are trained in first-aid and CPR, and certified Lifeguards supervise all of our water activities. Two-way radios are positioned at each program area and throughout camp for communication with the office and camp directors.

In case of illnesses, medical emergencies or situations requiring additional assistance, we follow all appropriate EMS procedures. There is a pharmacy and a hospital on the island in the nearby city of Avalon. In the case of serious medical emergencies, Baywatch Paramedics are always on-call and will arrange for transport to a mainland hospital if the situation warrants.