Evening Activities

The full days of camp fun and learning give way to our evening programs that allow students to expand on the knowledge and confidence they gained during the daylight hours. Our evening activities, while always fun, tend to be focused on either Science Education or Adventure and Leadership development. Check out our great Evening Programs below.

Astronomy Night Hike

The clear skies of Catalina Island provide the perfect location for stargazing. Students will hike to a rustic amphitheater high above the lights of camp for the best view. First, they will watch a video or slideshow introducing astronomical concepts, then turn their gaze skyward as their instructor points out planets and constellations. Students will hear about the mythologies of the stars, planets, sun and moon in a storytelling approach as they learn about cultural and personal relationships with the night sky throughout history.

California Science Standards

4th Grade: 3a
5th Grade: 5a-c
8th Grade: 2g,4a-e
9th-12th Grade: ES 1a-g,2a,b,d,f

Squid Dissection

Led by a marine biology instructor, students begin this lab by learning basic biology and behavior of Loligo opalescens, the California Market Squid. Students then participate in a simple dissection, discovering the anatomy of the squid.

California Science Standards

4th Grade: 3a
5th Grade: 3a

Night Snorkel

After completing at least the Orientation Snorkel, students will have the opportunity to experience the marine life in Toyon Bay at night. There is an additional $5 per student fee for this program. Students will:

  • Observe nocturnal marine life, not commonly seen during the day
  • Use an underwater flashlight
  • Experience the magic of bioluminescence
  • Participate in a post-dive discussion and review of marine life that was observed

California Science Standards

4th Grade: 3a
5th Grade: 3a

Marine Mammals

In the Marine Mammal Hall, students and teachers view an impressive collection of fully articulated marine mammal skeletons, including a gray whale, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions and sea otters. Students can touch and study bones, skulls, and fur pelts while learning about mammal classifications, anatomy, features and behaviors with their instructor. The lab also includes a new Whale Tail Patio that features an impressive collection of terrestrial and marine animal skulls that the students are encouraged to touch while they discuss the unique features of each skull. More great additions are in the works so be sure to check back soon!

California Science Standards

4th Grade: 3a
5th Grade: 3a

Climbing Wall

Students will be able to challenge themselves on our 12-lane climbing wall. This program includes instruction in basic climbing techniques and safety. All necessary equipment is provided, and no previous climbing experience is needed. This program is suitable for all ability levels and gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace.

Deep Sea / Creatures of the Night

In this lab, instructors use games, demonstrations, and slides of deep-sea creatures to help students discover how these amazing organisms communicate, navigate, feed, breathe, and survive in such extreme conditions.

California Science Standards

4th Grade: 2a,3a
5th Grade:3a
9th-12th Grade: B/LS 5d

Environmental Awareness Activities

A variety of ‘critical thinking’ games, demonstrations and/or interactions designed to highlight human, individual, and cultural impacts on our natural resources. To conclude these activities we highlight what positive actions can be taken in our everyday lives. Best suited for small groups who have demonstrated excellent group interaction skills.


This is a chance to enjoy Catalina at night, maybe with a marshmallow or two. Your school staff will be responsible for planning and conducting campfire. Skits, songs, stories and/or wrap-up activities work well for campfires.