Evening Activities


In this program, instructors use games, activities, lasers, and stories to help students understand our connection to the stars.  Instructors seek to give students a broad understanding of the formation of celestial bodies and their influence on our planet’s many cultures.

 Night Snorkel

After learning to snorkel during the day, students will have the opportunity to experience snorkeling at night.  Following their instructor and aided with a buddy and flashlight, students will observe nocturnal marine life not commonly seen during the day including Bioluminescence. Please note that there is an additional $5 per student for this program.

  • Observe nocturnal marine life, not commonly seen during the day
  • Use an underwater flashlight
  • Experience the magic of Bioluminescence
  • Post-dive discussion and review of marine life that was observed

fox squid 3Squid Dissectionfox squid 4

This activity explores the general biology of the common market squid Loligo opalescens. Students start by developing an information base of what they already know about squid and then adding to this knowledge base by engaging in a simple dissection of a squid.

Marine Mammals

In this laboratory the students will see a variety of marine mammal bones and skulls, hear marine mammal sounds, and be able to see an actual Gray Whale skeleton (20ft. in length).  Instructors will explore the characteristics that define mammals and the attributes that allow mammals to successfully cope with the environmental challenges of life in the ocean.  Students will also watch an interactive video exhibiting different marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Deep Sea Biology

In this lab, instructors use games, activities and demonstrations, to help students discover how these amazing organisms communicate, navigate, feed, breathe, and survive in such extreme conditions.

 Environmental Awareness

This program explores the state of the oceans today. Students will gain a broad understanding of humanity’s effect on the ocean through commercial fishing practices using games, activities, and videos. The program is very flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of age groups.

fox evening campfireCampfire

This is a chance to enjoy Catalina at night, maybe with a marshmallow or two. Your school staff will be responsible for planning and conducting campfire.  Skits, songs, stories and/or wrap-up activities work well. This is a great time for teachers and students to be creative and enjoy a less structured evening activity.