High and Low Ropes Initiatives

Initiatives focus on teamwork, communication, decision-making and problem solving. Students will set and maintain high standards and create a supportive environment for themselves and each other by meeting and overcoming physical and mental challenges. Some activities involve perceived risk while being safely monitored by an instructor. These fun and challenging activities are designed so that every member of the group is able to participate. Initiatives can also be customized to meet the needs of each group. Our High Ropes Course includes two Giant’s Swings, a Power Pole and a Giant Swing.

Climbing Wall

Rock climbing is an exciting program designed to challenge your students and push their limits both mentally and physically! Our ever-changing rock wall offers increasingly more difficult climbing routes to continually motivate and help you learn new techniques as your climbing skills progress. A must for adventurous groups, the climbing program also stresses the importance of teamwork and trust. It also provides a great workout in the sun!


Ocean kayaking is an exciting and empowering experience for students. First, they will become oriented with the basic parts of an ocean kayak and practice their paddling skills on land. Students will then, under the supervision of a CIMI instructor, take their kayaks out into the waters, equipped with a life jacket and booties (plus a paddling jacket in colder weather). They’ll enjoy a coastal tour of Catalina’s shoreline with their instructors. A chase boat will shadow the group at all times for safety, maintaining radio contact with instructors and the camp, as needed.

Day Trip (For Five day groups only)

Five day groups will have the chance to kayak to explore an adjacent part of the island. During this day-long excursion, the group will eat a picnic lunch as well as snorkel or tide pool in this new area before returning for dinner at Fox Landing.

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