cherry cove kayaks 12Ocean Kayaking

One of the most exciting aspects of the program at Cherry Cove is the chance to go sea kayaking. Students will learn basic safety and paddling while exploring Catalina’s scenic coast and beaches. Students do not need to have any previous kayaking experience and will be wearing life jackets for the duration of their time on the water.

Prior to their first paddle, groups will discuss paddling techniques, safety, boarding and beaching techniques, equipment care and handling and cleanup procedures. On completion of the kayak session, students will be able to maneuver and stop the kayak as well as right and enter an overturned kayak.

Day Trip (Five day groups only)

Five day groups will have the chance to kayak and hike to explore an adjacent part of the island. During this day-long excursion, the group will eat a picnic lunch as well as snorkel or tide pool in this new area before returning for dinner at Cherry Cove.