Astronomy Walk

Students will walk to a suitable location for stargazing–one of our most popular evening activities–away from the lights of camp. Students will explore the science of the stars, planets, sun and moon, in addition to the Earth’s physical relationship with the universe. Instructors will also tell mythological stories, highlighting peoples’ personal/cultural relationship with the night sky.

Deep Sea

This evening activity is designed to explore different ways in which living organisms cope with the deep-sea environment. Games, activities, and demonstrations will highlight adaptations to the dark, cold, pressure and reduced biomass that deep-sea organisms have to endure.

Squid Dissection

Students explore the general biology and adaptations of the squid through a guided group dissection of the common market squid (students work in pairs). Instruction is alternated with dissection activity for maximum engagement.

Discovering Sharks

The shark lab features a large touch tank filled with small sharks and their cartilaginous relatives, skates and rays. Having the opportunity to interact with these animals in a controlled environment helps to mitigate the myths of their danger. Students will use specimens and other visual aids to learn about the biology and adaptations of different species of sharks. Presentations and experiential activities, including a chance to touch sharks, are used to lead students to a better understanding of these amazing marine creatures.

Night Snorkel

After completing at least the Orientation Snorkel, students will have the opportunity to experience the marine life in Cherry Cove at night. There is an additional $5 per student fee for this program. Students will:

After completing at least the First Snorkel, students will have the opportunity to experience the marine life in Cherry Cove at night. Please note that there is an additional $5 per student fee for this program.

  • Observe nocturnal marine life not commonly seen during the day
  • Use an underwater flashlight
  • Experience the magic of bioluminescence
  • Participate in a post-dive discussion and review of marine life that was observed


Recommended for 5-day groups. Your school will determine how you choose to utilize your campfire. Some schools will use it as reflection time or will have their students perform skits or songs. CIMI staff are also able to perform skits, songs, stories and/or wrap-up activities. CIMI staff will set up the fire and will remain to put it out at the end.

Our campfires are run a little differently than the ones at Fox/Toyon.

Environmental Awareness Activities

A variety of critical thinking games, demonstrations and/or interactions designed to highlight human, individual, and cultural impacts on our natural resources. Students are challenged to develop solutions to current environmental issues, highlighting positive actions that can be taken in their own everyday lives. This program is best suited for small groups who have demonstrated group interaction skills.

Marine Mammals

An evening of marine mammals is likely to include activities involving the characteristics of mammals, differences among marine mammal groups, feeding strategy games, current environmental concerns, and perhaps even a whale singing competition.

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