About Us

One of the lasting legacies of Guided Discoveries is our faculty. Our instructors all have 4-year degrees in the Sciences (or a related field) and serve over 45,000 students every year at our 5 facilities. With safety being one of our primary goals they are also required to have 1st aid, CPR-PR, and Waterfront Lifeguard certifications as well as comprehensive on-site training.

Our Guided Discoveries Alumni is far reaching with hundreds teaching in schools throughout the country. Many of our former faculty can also be found in major aquariums, national sanctuaries, and at science centers and museums throughout the US. The growth and development of Guided Discoveries is a direct result of the energy, enthusiasm and contributions of our many faculty over the years.

Ashley Peach Marshall

Cherry Cove Camp Director

“Guided Discoveries is an amazing organization. There are incredible opportunities for growth available at every level, for our campers and for our staff. I believe we truly make a difference in the lives of people who come here. I love hearing from former campers about the impact the Sea Camp experience has had on them, how they still get starry-eyed 20 years later when recalling camp. Our dive programs give campers skills that they can use all over the world and I am very proud of the caliber of divers we produce.”

Peach began her career with Guided Discoveries in 2011 as a Marine Science Instructor at Fox Landing.  Since then she has worked as an Assistant Program Director at Cherry Cove and Toyon Bay. A native of Massachusetts, Peach spent her summers on and in the ocean, either on her family’s boat or at the beach. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Catalina that she learned to scuba dive. After a brief taste of the Sea Camp dive program her first summer on the island, she did everything she could to be a part of Dive Staff the next year. She loves the peace and possibility that diving offers and sharing that experience with campers.

A graduate of Boston College, with degrees in Environmental Geoscience and Early Education, Peach is stoked to combine her degrees to teach kids about the ocean environment. She spends her free time paddle boarding, body surfing, and playing with puppies.

Contact Peach at ashley@cimi.org or 310.510.0071